VCR – Power Destiny

VCR – Power DestinySide One DummyRichmond, Virginia’s VCR comes out of the sophomore locker room with Power Destiny, an intensely quirky rock record made with keyboards in place of guitars – in fact, three of them. With varied influences such as Mozart, Depeche Mode, and original Nintendo music a la Castlevania, and insane live shows […]

Various Artists – Punx Unite: Leaders of Today – Side One Dummy

Punx Unite

LA’s Side One Dummy label has a wonderful habit of putting out very large, very good compilations for not much money at all (they’re responsible for the ever popular Warped collections too) and with Punx Unite (co-released by New Jersey’s Charged Records) they’ve done it again. Thirty-two tracks, from strictly underground punk bands – the […]

The Briggs – Leaving the Ways

An acquaintance of mine said recently, “Punk’s not dead, but it’s definitely middle-aged.” Someone forgot to tell The Briggs, though. Brothers Jason and Joey LaRocca and drummer Chris X have turned out an EP of music that hearkens back to the good old days. Produced by Joe Gittelman (of Avoid One Thing and the Mighty […]

Casualties – On the Front Line

The current political climate, while it’s certainly not helping any of us make money or sleep at night, is certainly giving political punk bands something to sing about. The mohawked, pierced and studded NYC band The Casualties are no exception, although they seem to be getting more political with age.

Maxeen – Self Titled

Scoops here to rap at ya ‘bout the hot new beats on the music scene. Life’s been tough since I lost my job selling Sno-cones at the Special Olympics. As a matter of fact, Scoops has been banned at all future Special Olympics functions. This is unjust, because if you loose a foot race to […]