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Fivespeed – Bella EP

The smoldering desert metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona is not usually lauded as a prominent musical oasis, but with the recent major label success of bands like Jimmy Eat World and Authority Zero people are starting to take notice.

After releasing an EP and full-length on Phoenix based Sunset Alliance, Fivespeed signed to Equal Vision Records, a move, they hope will see them to precipitate the scene in their hometown.


At four songs, Bella is only available on-line or at one of their shows. Equal Vision is known for their diverse line-up and Bella is proof that Fivespeed are no exception. With heavy guitars, slick production, and lofty sing-a-long choruses a la Finch or Aphasia, they definitely fill a niche on Equal Vision where west coast bands tend to be the minority.

The lyrical content is suspect, with lines like, “you never said goodbye / and that’s o.k. with me / this time I’ve locked the door / and thrown away the key,” I wonder how music and production can progress so much, but elementary rhyme schemes run fucking rampant more often than not. But with these elements being a prerequisite for mainstream rock radio, their dreams of the big time will have no trouble coming true.

(even more tale telling from MD) Part II………After hours of bronze working Maldeodren decided to heed Logars advice returning to the village before sundown. Logar the Grocer as he was called was a brave and kind soul, a retired warrior he mentored the young Maldeodren since birth after the boys father had succumbed to the deadly red cough. An expert swordsman and axe-smith Logar developed extraordinary culinary skills enabling him to maintain the breadth of his people. And with his meticulously manicured vineyards the wine flowed like the great springs on the Drennish Hillsides………


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