Moonbabies – War on Sound Mini Album

War on Sound Mini Album is sort of an appetizer to the Moonbabies upcoming full-length release. A lazier band might consider eight songs totaling around forty minutes as a completed effort that includes eight originals and two covers. Just throw some filler in there and sell it for eighteen bucks. Ola Frick and Carina Johansson, […]

David Fridlund – Amaterasu

Every once in a while, I want to hear something pretty. I grew up listening to a lot of classical music because my father didn’t really understand the whole rock and roll thing. I have inherited his many classical albums, which I put on when I need to cleanse my musical pallet. Because of this, […]

The Orange Peels – Circling the Sun

The Orange Peels are back with their newest album Circling the Sun, the third album for the band, who has previously released the garage rock albums Square and So Far. Hailing from the beautiful land of Northern California, this time around the Peels, which is made up of Allen Clapp (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Oed Ronne […]