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Gliss – Kick in Your Heart EP

The members of Gliss have the musical ability that allows them to trade off instruments between songs. I’m not sure what purpose it serves, asides from being impressive as hell. The current lineup of three came together in 2004. Gliss’ Kick in Your Heart is their first release as a band.


Martin Klingman provides the lead vocals in a whispering, raspy style that could be described as sultry. Most of the songs are hazy and trance-like. The arrangements Gliss use are shoe-gazer to the core.

I would rank this EP as the best thing I’ve heard to smoke opium to. I don’t condone that sort of activity, but Gliss conjures up images of people lounging on pillows in a dimly lit room made hazy with smoke. I particularly like the song “Velvet Stars”, which contains all the aforementioned qualities, with an up-tempo beat. The arrangements and mournful lyrics are also what make it so good.

The trio has been touring throughout Europe, which delayed the release of the Kick in Your Heart EP. Check them out next time you are chasing the dragon.


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