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Healthy Colours – Space of Time EP

Healthy Colours

Prog rock is not dead. Healthy Colours are keeping it alive and well, and this EP is sustaining the genre’s ongoing longevity. Having self produced Space of Time, Healthy Colours have created a profession piece of work.

From the depths of Italy’s own local music scene they’ve been building on this project since 2002, “creating an original and personal music that can express our views and feeling without bendine towards the so-called mass market.” I think they meant bending, but we’ll cut them some slack there since the music more than makes up for it.

Vocalist Fabie Lijoi carries the languid guitar lines and swerving rhythms with warm finesse and eloquence in the opening track “Machine” and throughout the EP. “Jupiter and Beyond” is the kind of trip Pink Floyd was famous for, lifting your imagination and being into another dimension as if you had taken some kind of mushroom, even if the strongest thing to enter your body was a glass of Kool-Aid. The music was the drug.

Other Italian artists have been in contact with the magazine, stating it is not easy to even gig in that country let alone sustain an ongoing project such as this. So we’re more than happy to support the kind of DIY efforts Healthy Colours have taken and only hope they keep it going so our scenes can all stay connected.


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