Delerium – Chimera

Returning from the success of radio and club hit, “Silence”, the musical puppet master Bill Leeb is back with even more ethereal beauty. Between his innate ability in featuring some of the most angelic female vocalists to capturing soundscapes that are not of this world, Leeb has managed to take his art to the next […]

2003 Breckenridge Festival of Film

Breckenridge Film Festival

2003 Breckenridge Festival of Film After months of movie reviews the Breckenridge Festival of Film has come up with a unique program that will make the audience laugh, cry and possibly sing out loud, with movies that range from poignant documentaries, to silly music videos that run from September 11 – 14th, 2003 in various […]

The Sound Scape Studio Laboratory Announced the Release of FX-2D’s Sonic Elements of FX-tasy

Music News

LOCAL MUSIC BUZZ BITES This week The Sound Scape Studio Laboratory announced the release of FX-2D’s Sonic Elements of FX-tasy. Although the music of FX-2D is in the techno dance vein, the label expects this release will appeal to a much larger audience through FX’s use of melody in a simplistic fashion, allowing their complex […]

Various Artists – Shout! The Revolution Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003 – Kemado Records


I could make this review really easy and just list all of bands on this leather clad, Marlboro Red, studded belt compilation, bands you’ll recognize right off the bat – Vue, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Warlocks – to let you know what’s in store. But that would not only be lame and lazy, it […]

Voices Underwater – Self Titled

Voices Underwater

There’s nothing more inspiring than discovering the music gems of our home state. A band that strays away from cliché styles, using their instruments and creativity to take us somewhere we’ve never been, who could easily share the stage with any of the indie rockers known by the media and music fans across the country. […]