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Delerium – Chimera

Returning from the success of radio and club hit, “Silence”, the musical puppet master Bill Leeb is back with even more ethereal beauty. Between his innate ability in featuring some of the most angelic female vocalists to capturing soundscapes that are not of this world, Leeb has managed to take his art to the next level. After taking a collaborative leave, Leeb is also back in the saddle with his songwriting partner, Rhys Fuller, who he’s worked with before on previous Delerium projects and who was the other half that founded the seminal industrial group, Front Line Assembly, in the mid ‘80s. Not only is their new venutures a far cry from their industrial period, but Delerium itself is forging new ground on Chimera with a taste of jazz, deeper pop esthetics and even some world music influences intertwined with their mainstay of electronic dance beats.


The journey starts with a fantasy trip into an abyss of “Love”, with vocalist Zoe Johnston leading the way through layers of classic guitar, bubbling rhythms, and an orchestrated forest of sound. “Just A Dream” flows to and fro with the timing of an oceanic wave; violins, dance pulsations, and Nerina Pallet make “Truly” one of the most club ready tracks on the album. To give you an idea of the caliber of singing talent Leeb has involved in this project, Julie Cruise lends her voice to “Magic”, a gliding ride of delicious downtempo, with that hint of jazz fluidity.

The CD also features music videos of their hit, “Silence”, starring Sarah McLachlan, along with “Flowers Become Screens” and “Aria”.


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