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2003 Breckenridge Festival of Film

Breckenridge Film Festival

2003 Breckenridge Festival of Film

After months of movie reviews the Breckenridge Festival of Film has come up with a unique program that will make the audience laugh, cry and possibly sing out loud, with movies that range from poignant documentaries, to silly music videos that run from September 11 – 14th, 2003 in various locations around town.

The Festival includes independent, celebrity, educational and premiere films all mixed in with a weekend of parties and forums in a friendly atmosphere where filmmakers are readily accessible to filmgoers.

To highlight just a few:

Broadway: The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There
This movie recounts award-winning filmmaker Rick McKay’s search for a bygone era in American theatre. Single-handedly, McKay filmed over 100 Broadway legends, and uses interviews, home movies and found footage to recreate an era that was not documented and would have been lost forever. The laregest cast of stars ever assembled for one film includes Angela Lansbury, Shirley MacLaine, Stephen Sondheim, Carol Burnett, John Raitt, Eva Marie Saint, Charles Durning, Alec Baldwin, Jerry Herman, Kaye Ballard, Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Ashley, Jerry Herman, Janis Paige and many more.

The Experiment: Gay and Straight
Five gay, five straight, Chicago-area residents are sequestered seven straight days in an attempt to deal with the serious and sometimes explosive issues involving sexuality, human rights and discrimination. More information on this movie is available at

Death For Sale
Almost a decade ago, Chance Barron gave up on his dreams and took a soulless job so that he could ‘pay the bills.’ When he finds out he’s got less than 4 months left to live, he decides to do the one thing he’s always wanted – start a cock-rock band.

Stunt C*cks
‘Stunt C*cks’ is the story of Bill and Earl, two young men who have taken their severe sexual dysfunctions and used it to turn the porn industry into a business filled with friendship and love, flipping the porn world on its stomach, so to speak.

Don: Plain & Tall
Can a logical, structure-oriented, computer whiz find happiness in the illogical, unstructured real world? “Don: Plain & Tall” is an uproariously funny, sometimes touching look at how we could all use a little “coloring outside the lines”.

Randy has a huge crush on hunky Jack at work, but he can’t figure out if Jack’s gay until he discovers a GAYDAR gun that could change everything.

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