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The Sound Scape Studio Laboratory Announced the Release of FX-2D’s Sonic Elements of FX-tasy

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This week The Sound Scape Studio Laboratory announced the release of FX-2D’s Sonic Elements of FX-tasy. Although the music of FX-2D is in the techno dance vein, the label expects this release will appeal to a much larger audience through FX’s use of melody in a simplistic fashion, allowing their complex textures of sound to come through. The Sound Scape web site is still going through some development, but you can check them out along with some song samples from Sonic Elements of FX-tasy at You can also buy the CD online, and for a limited time, shipping is free.

Bop Skizzum recently launched their new web site at They’re also playing the Gothic this Thursday, September 11 and the big show in Ft. Collins on Saturday, September 12 along with G Love and the Special Sauce, Floggy Molly and Listen. This is a daytime show, so it’s suggested that people plan to arrive around noontime.

The Wind Up Merchants have been invited once again to showcase at the MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH at the end of September. But they had to pass this year. They are in the very early stages of organizing the recording sessions for their next album. According to the band, “This one may take some time to record, but we’re ready for it and we’re very much looking forward to getting our newer material down on record for you to devour.” In the meantime, they’re playing a coveted opening slot for Evan Dando at The BlueBird this Tuesday, September 16. For more info on the band, go to

One of the members from Sickbox is going into the hospital for a procedure, putting their gigs on hiatus for a while. The last show they’ll playing before the break takes place this Saturday, September 13 at Pink E’s Black Den in Westminster, a Back to School Metal Fest with Typhoid Mary, Ransom, Ten50Six, Pacify and NonHero. They recently released a self-titled CD, but are already writing new songs for the next one, debuting those new songs when they start playing out again. Check out song samples from the band on their web site,


Buzz Band Stories this week:
— THROCULT seeks new vocalist
— Aggressive Persuasion searches for a new guitarist
— FaiL-YeRZ seeks drum tech
— XM Radio Unsigned Channel seeks bands for their programming

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