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Metric – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

I have a list of female vocalist that I would love to grow up to be; if by some miracle I woke up one day and was actually able to carry a tune outside the private, confines of my car. Emily Haines of the New York / Toronto electro rock group Metric is now at the top of that list. With the sweetness of Juliana Hatfield and the moxy of Magnapop’s Linda Hopper, especially on “Combat Baby”, this leading lady and the rest of the Metric clan swings their seductive rock wand to make magic flow from your speakers.

The aching simplicity of “Calculation Theme” puts Emily in the spotlight with just her keyboard and haunting voice, and “On A Slow Night”, lit with just a candlelight flicker of warmed wax melody. It’s time to shake and groove in your best Lipgloss kit when r oxymoron titled track, “Wet Blanket”, hits with a perfect cocktail mix of arty guitar and booty shaking drums and bass. The party doesn’t stop as “The List” and “Dead Disco” make you sweat with pure contentment (Just don’t make the mistake I did and try to dance to them in the shower).

Mark my words – if the music Gods shine on Metric with all the praise and recognition they deserve, they’ll be gracing the covers of CMJ in the next year or so, once they hit the U.S. Highways to play for all the indie kids and get this amazing CD into hands of fans of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Radio 4, Deathray Davies…you get the picture.


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