Trespassers William – having

I believe that there is an endless appetite for a woman with a pretty voice singing over an ambient sound-scape. trespassers william’s new album, having (not a typo, the band is adamant about the lowercase aspect of their identity), will feed that hunger perfectly. trespassers william formed about ten years ago around Anna-Lynne Williams and […]

The Perishers – Let There Be Morning

It’s still warm and active outside, but before you know it, the days will shorten and become colder, causing most of us to nest inside. It’s the chilling elements of the outside that seemed to be the internal influence of The Perisher’s Let There Be Morning, having lived and written the album from their hometown […]

Delerium – Chimera

Returning from the success of radio and club hit, “Silence”, the musical puppet master Bill Leeb is back with even more ethereal beauty. Between his innate ability in featuring some of the most angelic female vocalists to capturing soundscapes that are not of this world, Leeb has managed to take his art to the next […]