Bright Channel – Self-Propelled

With peripheral visions of Ian McCulloch’s vocals and Swervedriver’s guitar lines in the sand, Self-Propelled is Bright Channel’s proclamation of evolution, both in music and in their own band’s progression. It’s the hallucinogenic trip without the legalities and side affects, the hot sex without the need for cuddling or call the next day, it’s everything […]

Trespassers William – having

I believe that there is an endless appetite for a woman with a pretty voice singing over an ambient sound-scape. trespassers william’s new album, having (not a typo, the band is adamant about the lowercase aspect of their identity), will feed that hunger perfectly. trespassers william formed about ten years ago around Anna-Lynne Williams and […]

Various Artists – DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives

What’s interesting about the DJ-Kicks series is not just about their longevity (10 years), it’s more about the quality of the DJ they recruit and outstanding mixes they’ve created. I remember my first, DJ Cam and my last Daddy G, and other notables in between: Smith & Mighty, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and late great drum-and-bass […]