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Bright Channel – Self-Propelled

With peripheral visions of Ian McCulloch’s vocals and Swervedriver’s guitar lines in the sand, Self-Propelled is Bright Channel’s proclamation of evolution, both in music and in their own band’s progression. It’s the hallucinogenic trip without the legalities and side affects, the hot sex without the need for cuddling or call the next day, it’s everything we’ve known and loved about his band from Denver rolled and stuffed into a rocket and shot in the sky.


Hooks from “Guardian” get under your skin and permeate through your brain the entire day, following you to your slumber where they become the anthem for the beginning and the end of the world. “Airborne” could cause slow motion collisions on the freeway as everyone played the song in unison, closing their eyes to the aching beauty of Jeff’s vocal trail. Picking up the pace is “Out of Focus” as a race with the train proceeds on its way to Berlin, but the signature spark comes about at the beginning with “Charmour,” as Bright Channel’s pedals, layers, and clashing drums swirl in an orchestrated tornado of beauty.

Bright Channel celebrates their self-recorded release tonight, Friday, February 24 at Hi-Dive with Moccasin and Monofog.


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