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Trespassers William – having

I believe that there is an endless appetite for a woman with a pretty voice singing over an ambient sound-scape. trespassers william’s new album, having (not a typo, the band is adamant about the lowercase aspect of their identity), will feed that hunger perfectly.

trespassers william formed about ten years ago around Anna-Lynne Williams and Mat Brown. Their second album, Different Stars, garnered the band a certain level of success. The fact that they have licensed a couple of songs to the O.C. pretty much guarantees them selling out future all-ages shows. On Having they have teamed up with producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mogwai, The Mercury Rev), whose touches can be heard in the construction of the songs, particularly the build of noise in “I Don’t Mind.”


trespasser william maintains a soft and tender feel throughout with tinges of darkness. The changes are subtle, as with “Low Point” and its more acoustic threads, while other songs are distinctly electronic.

Almost every song on having is well crafted but they lack the energy of Cat Power with whom they share a similar sound. The group has landed on several soundtracks, which seem very well suited to their style. trespassers william creates beautiful and haunting music, but by the end of having, it seems to drag and become tiresome.


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