Liz Clark – Hand On Stove

It was a few years back when I first heard the musical musings of Liz Clark, sitting solo behind a keyboard and commanding everyone’s attention with a slice of humor, a handful of romantic ash and a voice that sunk deeply under the skin. Years later Hand On Stove arrives, fresh from Clark’s new Brooklyn […]

Demiricous – One (Hellbound)

If I had three words or less to describe Demiricous, it would be easy…Slayer, Slayer and Slayer. The first few tracks sound a lot like older Slayer tunes, right down to the guitar tone, riffs and drum fills. If Nate Olp’s vocals sounded anything like the Tom Araya’s, there would be almost no way to […]

Randy – Randy The Band

The Swedish veteran punk quartet known simply as Randy, return with their sixth record, Randy the Band. Supposedly one of Fat Mike’s favorite bands, they are one of several acts to succeed stateside in the past ten years via the Swedish punk rock pipeline, Burning Heart Records, following bands like Refused and Millencolin.

Steril – 400 Years of Electronic Music

This German trio sure picks interesting word choices to represent themselves. Their band name, Steril, makes me think of something that doesn’t produce or something that possesses a drab sound. The CD title, 400 Years of Electronic Music, seems to lend reference to Steril covering the history of electronic music within this release. Band name […]