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Demiricous – One (Hellbound)

If I had three words or less to describe Demiricous, it would be easy…Slayer, Slayer and Slayer.

The first few tracks sound a lot like older Slayer tunes, right down to the guitar tone, riffs and drum fills. If Nate Olp’s vocals sounded anything like the Tom Araya’s, there would be almost no way to tell them apart. And funny enough, Nate sings and plays bass just like Slayer’s infamous frontman.


Getting deeper into the album, it looses the Slayer-esque sound and just becomes raw, no frills metal. Thundering double bass, classic metal rhythm guitar and searing solos will make One (Hellbound) fill a metal lover’s next slot in their CD tower.

Metal Blade Records gloat that Demiricous is doing something different and unique, but I guess that depends on how you look at it. There is nothing original about their sound at all, but if you compare it to the wussie ass, emo-screamo, bullshit, whatever metal that’s been coming out the past couple of years, then its very different and a hell of a lot better! Demiricous isn’t going to jump out and grab anyone who is looking for some new, unique brand of experimental calypso-metal, but if you want to add a solid metal band to your already extensive collection, grab this album January 24th on its release.

I wish the Indianapolis based act the best of luck with their upcoming tour with Himsa and Still Remains. They have somewhat of an obstacle with recently losing their drummer, but they have recruited Mike Rafferty to beat the skins on a temporary basis for the tour, and if things work out, become a permanent member. Mike has previously drummed for God Below and Brand New Sin and done some tech work for Trivium. Demiricous doesn’t have any Denver dates yet, but the tour is just getting rolling, so keep track of them on


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