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Randy – Randy The Band

The Swedish veteran punk quartet known simply as Randy, return with their sixth record, Randy the Band. Supposedly one of Fat Mike’s favorite bands, they are one of several acts to succeed stateside in the past ten years via the Swedish punk rock pipeline, Burning Heart Records, following bands like Refused and Millencolin.


Having put aside some of the aggressiveness of their last record Welfare Problems, in favor of a more playful and melodic sounds, they have polished a new sound with a classic feel. With even more hints of bands like the Ramones, Social Distortion, and even a bit of the Cars, this album is filled with sing-along choruses and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, delivering high energy power punk-pop at its best.

Recorded extremely well and in a way that compliments their sound, the album is honed to perfection. But in contrast, I have a hard time getting into bands that have perfected a sound made popular twenty years ago. I get it and even enjoy it to an extent, but with bands apparent level of skilled musicianship and tons of resources at their disposal, it makes me wonder why bands such as Randy recycle such tired sounds and themes in their music.


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