Demiricous – One (Hellbound)

If I had three words or less to describe Demiricous, it would be easy…Slayer, Slayer and Slayer. The first few tracks sound a lot like older Slayer tunes, right down to the guitar tone, riffs and drum fills. If Nate Olp’s vocals sounded anything like the Tom Araya’s, there would be almost no way to […]

Impious – Hellucinate

Metal Blade Records is picking up steam these days, putting themselves back on the map with some first-rate acts. Swedish thrashers, Impious are at the head of the pack, taking death metal to the extreme. Considering the complexity of today’s power metal bands, this is no easy feat.

The Heavils – Heavilution?

The Heavils are a strange entity, with their homemade guitars, dubbed “meanies” (check them out at, and their Clutch infused heavy fuzz, random sense of humor, and just all around quirkiness. Their second album, Heavilution, was masterfully produced by Hevy Devy and Strapping Young Lads’ Devin Townsend, who also provided additional vocals and random […]

Vomitory – Primal Massacre


“Chainsaw Surgery,”“Autopsy Extravaganza,” and “Gore Apocalypse.” With tired and uninspired song titles like these, I’ll admit I feared the worst from these 15-year, Swedish veterans of the metal underground. Truth be told, I could tear this CD apart. Ridiculous outdated lyrics, lack of originality. . .load this review up with comparison after comparison. . .this […]