An Angle – We Can Breathe Under Alcohol

Billed as a concept album about Sacramento, California, An Angle’s sophomore offering is possibly the most exciting thing to occur in the Golden State’s capital city since the Bones Brigade’s Tommy Guerrero won the Sacto skate jam back in the ‘80s. It’s hard to determine if the constant references to alcohol are a nod to […]

The Aquabats – Charge!!

You really have to love the Aquabats. I mean, just try and say their name without giggling. Then picture a bunch of guys in spandex uniforms like a bunch of cartoon superheroes, playing 80s new wave-style rock flavored with a pinch of ska and all the insanity and none of the seriousness of the punk […]

Athlete – Tourist

Tourist is the second release from the relatively new band, Athlete. Previously, this UK four-piece met some success with Vehicles and Animals, and with this album they kept the pop rolling, but with added layers and personality.

Below Tha Surface – Push Play

The idea that Atlanta is the Black Mecca of the south is somewhat misleading; it is the base for the headquarters of Coca-Cola, after all. However, knowing what we know about Black music and its roots in the ATL. For instance, it is the home to Outkast, Usher, So So Def, Lil’ Jon, Eric Sermon, […]

Bolt – Movement and Detail

Columbia, South Carolina isn’t known for its instrumental prog-rock, but the three boys in Bolt are hell bent on changing that with the release of their sophomore full-length, Movement and Detail. From the ominous opening notes of “Devil’s paintbrush,” to the driving, almost pop-punk number, ‘Kick” to close the album, Bolt reveals a diverse musical […]

The Cribs – The New Fellas

You know when you get cornered at a bar by a really, really drunk guy? And he won’t stop talking because he thinks he’s got something really important to say? But he just keeps repeating himself and slurring, never getting to the point? The Cribs give me that same feeling. Like you know they’re trying […]

The Herbaliser – Take London

About two decades ago, one of Rap music’s greatest champions (a guy named Russell) was working with Profile Records; he had helped to get his brother Joseph “Run” Simmons and two of his friends a record deal. Well, before you knew it, the trio called Run DMC broke this fledgling music genre wide open and […]

Up For Grabs (Mike Wranovics)

Up For Grabs

Up For Grabs (2005, Mike Wranovics) In 2001, while America was still in shock from 9/11 and pretending to be unified at home, busily wondering why the rest of the world hated us, two guys in San Francisco set out to show everyone. Barry Bonds hit his 73rd regular season home run, setting a new […]