Yellowcard – Where We Stand

Yellowcard - Where We Stand

Yeah, they’re that pop-punk band with the violinist. You probably can’t really remember what they sound like because they sound like so many other people… except they’ve got a violinist! They are however pretty decent live and popular as fuck, which goes someway to explaining this release. That’s right kids! This is a re-release of […]

The Soviettes – LP III

The Soviettes

The Soviettes aren’t really from the former Soviet Union. They are from someplace almost as cold, though–Minnesota. You wouldn’t know it from listening to their new record, titled L.P. III, though. There are heaping spoonfuls of California and New York in their sound, pop and punk and of course the obligatory 80s influence, but it’s […]

Slik Helvetika – Slik Helvetika

Slik Helvetika

At first glance the new self titled debut from Slik Helvetika looks to be another Scandinavian hair metal band wielding their goblet of rock in garb raided from Rob Halford’s closet. Upon further inspection though you realize the band is headed by former members of Philadelphia power-metal outfit, Destroyer, including its near-legendary front man, Mikhall […]

Various Artists – Punx Unite: Leaders of Today – Side One Dummy

Punx Unite

LA’s Side One Dummy label has a wonderful habit of putting out very large, very good compilations for not much money at all (they’re responsible for the ever popular Warped collections too) and with Punx Unite (co-released by New Jersey’s Charged Records) they’ve done it again. Thirty-two tracks, from strictly underground punk bands – the […]

Up For Grabs (Mike Wranovics)

Up For Grabs

Up For Grabs (2005, Mike Wranovics) In 2001, while America was still in shock from 9/11 and pretending to be unified at home, busily wondering why the rest of the world hated us, two guys in San Francisco set out to show everyone. Barry Bonds hit his 73rd regular season home run, setting a new […]

An Angle – We Can Breathe Under Alcohol

Billed as a concept album about Sacramento, California, An Angle’s sophomore offering is possibly the most exciting thing to occur in the Golden State’s capital city since the Bones Brigade’s Tommy Guerrero won the Sacto skate jam back in the ‘80s. It’s hard to determine if the constant references to alcohol are a nod to […]