Takeover Records 3-Way Split: Issue #2 – The Matches, Near Miss, Reeve Oliver

Takeover Records 3-Way Split: Issue #2

Takeover Records has done it again: June 28th starts round two in their three-way split releases. This time, the split features three songs each from Near Miss (Takeover Records), Reeve Oliver (The Militia Group), and The Matches (Epitaph). Usually, I’m not a big fan of splits because more often than not, either one band will […]

Yellowcard – Where We Stand

Yellowcard - Where We Stand

Yeah, they’re that pop-punk band with the violinist. You probably can’t really remember what they sound like because they sound like so many other people… except they’ve got a violinist! They are however pretty decent live and popular as fuck, which goes someway to explaining this release. That’s right kids! This is a re-release of […]