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Yellowcard – Where We Stand

Yellowcard - Where We Stand

Yeah, they’re that pop-punk band with the violinist. You probably can’t really remember what they sound like because they sound like so many other people… except they’ve got a violinist! They are however pretty decent live and popular as fuck, which goes someway to explaining this release.

That’s right kids! This is a re-release of an album Yellowcard put out themselves when they were still in High School in 1999 (the second one they put out themselves when they were still in High School to be precise). It’s being touted as “a must-have collector’s piece for any die-hard Yellowcard fan that wants to peer into the band’s past and listen to their sound before their breakthrough album, One For The Kids.

The key word in this sentence is ‘die-hard.’ Because Where We Stand sounds exactly like what it is: a generic fast-paced pop punk album performed by high school kids wanting to make it big, inspired by their favorite Fat Wreck Chords bands.

Where We Stand could be any number of high school bands, from 1999; from now; from anytime in the last ten years. The songs are basic and sloppy and waaaaaay too derivative of NOFX and Strung Out; even the vocals are weak.

Sure, it probably is a must-have for die-hard fans but it’s utterly pointless for everyone else. Can you say Shameless Cash-In?


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