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Slik Helvetika – Slik Helvetika

Slik Helvetika

At first glance the new self titled debut from Slik Helvetika looks to be another Scandinavian hair metal band wielding their goblet of rock in garb raided from Rob Halford’s closet. Upon further inspection though you realize the band is headed by former members of Philadelphia power-metal outfit, Destroyer, including its near-legendary front man, Mikhall Myers. Not to be confused with “Michael Myers” the tormented silent killer from Halloween, or “Mykill Myers” the violent hip-hop MC.

Myers has assembled an even more destructive gang of metal soldiers under the moniker Slik Helvetika. Yes, the sound is more Maiden and Priest than one of his own, but he knows how to work that angle marvelously, even with more vigor and intensity than his mentors at this point in time. The tracks surge ahead and keep your metal mane bobbing in unison the entire time, nailing all the metallic clichés and playing all of Satan’s bells and whistles with precision and timing.

Complete with king of the mountain anthems, and hide your women and children, motorcycle imagery, Slik Helvetika turn their guitars into phallic scepters of metal masculinity with pride and power.

Scremin’ Mimi Records


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