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The Symptoms – Middle Finger Romance

The Symptoms

Oh god. Is the world coming to an end? We’re in a whirl of political chaos and war. The earth seems to be melting. People have to get online to find their friggin’ soulmate. We’re in debt up to our eyeballs. We have a really bad actor running one of the wealthiest states in the country. And the worst part of all: The Backstreet Boys are back and little numb nut fans are singing to every excruciating note the wanna-be-bad-boy with painted nails is singing.

(In my best Captain Kirk voice) Must…find…remote…turn…off!…turn…off!

It’s time to break open my emergency kit – a bottle of Jameson, some Tylenol PMs, and the new Symptoms release. I’m in dire need of some Middle Finger Romance.

These cats are the seminal saviors for those seeking punk rock religion. Sweaty, bossy, and bratty, the trio hooks you by the studded belt and spanks you silly with the real stuff baby. You know; the kind of bravado that would have started many a pit at CBGBs a few decades back. Hot and heavy go hand in hand as vocal duties are passed to and fro between Josh Bergstrand and Sonya Decman, and the way the razor sharp guitars and shot gun drums rip it up on every track, you can’t help but want to blast it loud enough to share with all your neighbors.

Yes, I do believe this will fit right in the middle of my emergency collection, next to The Grabbers, Fugazi, and Eyeliners. And there’s nothing like a little finger tickling to make a girl feel brand new.


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