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LOCAL NEWS Uphollow – The band has skipped the live music scene lately in order to make time for the release of their new CD/DVD release “Jackets For The Trip.” The album is currently being mixed by Bob Ferbrache and is looking a late July release date. The video side of things is also being worked by, with the artwork being crafted by Vincent Comparetto. Ian from Uphollow will be appearing this Friday, April 29 with other locals Gann Mattews and Kevin Johnson from Adios Esposito at Catacombs in Boulder

Reno Divorce – The four piece Denver punk band is gearing up to go on a five week tour through the US, going through the northeast and down through to Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, and are taking care of all the booking duties themselves. So they are looking to the music community for some help to fill in some of the blanks. “If you do booking or know someone who does, or even know of a cool club we could play, let us know!” The blanks show up on blue on their Shows page on their Itinerary. You can email them at

There is also some ink drying on contract rumors circulating, but Reno Divorce is holding off on any major announcement until things are sealed up. The play this Saturday, April 30 at Soiled Dove with King Rat, Dr. Neptune and Boldtype.

Suburban Home Records – Our beloved local label and distributor in Denver has just added a number of record titles to their online store along with cool shirts and clothing. Titles include Aquabats, Blood Brothers, Circa Survive, Gatsbys American Dream, Death From Above 1979, Sugarcult, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Tragedy, Blatz, and so much more. Check it all out at

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