Martin Carpenter – Sheepish

I have the good fortune of being able to listen to the albums I review in a public forum. I can closely monitor my test subjects without them realizing that I am watching for a reaction to the music coming over the speakers. Is this because I am a sycophant who is incapable of forming […]

eROTic – Never Sleep Again

Remember that scene in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where they show Shredder’s secret lair used to train the Foot Clan? And there’s that hideous techno/Goth noise playing in the background that’s supposed to make the scene scary and make the viewer disgusted by the corruption of teens to fulfill Shredder’s evil plan?

MED – Push Comes to Shove

The West isn’t all about gangsta’s, Hoes, and low riders. Just ask Medaphoar; better known as MED. With his long-awaited debut album, released on the definitive indie label Stones Throw, he shows both that indie rappers can drop that Pop shit (check the banging drums and radio/club friendly fire of the Just Blaze produced Get […]

The Orange Peels – Circling the Sun

The Orange Peels are back with their newest album Circling the Sun, the third album for the band, who has previously released the garage rock albums Square and So Far. Hailing from the beautiful land of Northern California, this time around the Peels, which is made up of Allen Clapp (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Oed Ronne […]