Air – Pocket Symphony

In a recent interview, Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin of the duo Air stated they were trying to get away from their previous pop sound. This begs the question, when has Air ever tried to create pop music?

Radio 4 – Enemies Like This

Hmmm. Well, Radio 4 seems to have taken a turn into a creative cul-de-sac with a brick on the accelerator pedal and the steering wheel locked into continuous donut maneuvers. The premise of the fourth album from the Brooklyn outfit was to go back to the basics of their core makings while forgoing their political […]

Audio Bullys – Generation

Capturing spooky samples from Nancy Sinatra’s “Shoot You Down” as their opening scene to Generation, Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks of Audio Bullys venture forward with both dodgy, dancing themes and slower soundtracks from the mind, including “Get Myself on Track.”

Hot Chip – Coming on Strong

At first blush, Coming on Strong, by Hot Chip is very simple. The beats as well as the lyrics are unassuming. The instrumentation is done in a sort of low-tech techno sound. Does that make any sense? I would compare it to The in Sound from Way Out, the instrumental album the Beastie Boys put […]

Various Artists – Six Feet Under: Everything Ends – Astralwerk

Six Feet Under: Everything Ends

If you’re a fan of the HBO Series, Six Feet Under, you’ll instantly recognize the opening track used to promote the launch of their fifth season, which will end this summer. The pictures featured inside the cover actually get the series’ original theme song running through your head as the hands, once held together, break […]

Turin Brakes – JackInABox

Turin Brakes

I’ve never heard a record out of Great Britain sound so relentlessly Californian. I’ve never heard Londoners sing about sunshine quite so sincerely. After the opening song on Turin Brakes’ JackInABox, I was convinced that they had to be from L.A. or even San Diego, or possibly Hawaii. It’s that same mellow, Jack Johnson vibe–it’s […]

Athlete – Tourist

Tourist is the second release from the relatively new band, Athlete. Previously, this UK four-piece met some success with Vehicles and Animals, and with this album they kept the pop rolling, but with added layers and personality.