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Bullet Train To Vegas – We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are

As cheap as it is to compare a band to the sound of other bands due to lack of words to describe their sound, in this case, it may be the only effective way. So here it goes: Bullet Train To Vegas runs side by side with the experimental, frisky, indie rock sound of At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta, with the spoken-style vocal attacks shared by The Blood Brothers, The Kinison, and Glassjaw. With such a similar sound to the aforementioned acts, they are not ones to stand alone on an island, but being compared to these bands isn’t exactly an insult either.


Lyrically, musically, personally: Bullet Train to Vegas have depth. They have a unique style of songwriting that incorporates numerous tempo changes, incomplete and fragmented sentences and melodic riffs, mixed with traditional rock and hardcore undertones. Besides, with a band name like theirs, they’ve got to have depth, right?

“There was a failed attempt by certain murky sectors in the business world to build a high speed rail transport from Los Angeles to the sin city; Las Vegas,” said guitarist, Jeb Sprague. “We see this as one of the few good ideas corporate land developers have ever had in our local area. Our name has little significance other then that it depicts high speed motion towards the capitol of debauchery, self indulgence, and avarice,” he explained. “Not to mention it was the name of a Drive like Jehu song.”

Finishing up their month-long tour, these guys have made their mark in towns all across America. And who knows? Maybe they’ll be the ones to finally bring this land development project into the limelight where it belongs.


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