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eROTic – Never Sleep Again

Remember that scene in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where they show Shredder’s secret lair used to train the Foot Clan? And there’s that hideous techno/Goth noise playing in the background that’s supposed to make the scene scary and make the viewer disgusted by the corruption of teens to fulfill Shredder’s evil plan?


Or remember that skit, “Goth Talk” on SNL where Azrael Abyss (Chris Kattan), The Prince of Sorrow, hosts his own home video talk show with Circe Nightshade (Molly Shannon)? What made this recurring skit so hilarious was how the hosts and their poser friends claimed to be demented, disturbed, angst ridden youth as they sat around giggling like little school girls to the sound of Casio keyboard synthesizers, all the while screaming, “Oh the ecstasy of the unearthly! Weeeeee!!”

Well, eROTic’s frontman, Thommy Razor, has formed the perfect rendition of that noise, which some people like to call “electronica” or “new age,” only much, much worse. It’s like kid friendly, circus clown music gone bad with the addition of off-key female background vocals and inaudible lyrics, with the exception of the occasional “fuck,” of course.

To those interested in experiencing reoccurring nightmares of clowns training the Foot Clan to destroy Azrael Abyss, I would highly recommend this album to secretly enjoy in a dark alley with cold rain drenching your soul, all in the company of a couple rats. To those who aren’t, thank you for being human.


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