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Secret Lives of the Freemasons – May 24, 2005 – Rock Island, Denver

Secret Lives of the Freemasons

When I first visited Rock Island, it reminded me of a club that some Disney channel drama would use as a set. It features this low light, modern decor that attracts my whinny, ever so depressed generation. After my impression of Rock Island years ago, I came to the conclusion that a Blockbuster night would better suit my tastes, and I never returned.

However, with Denver’s ever growing music scene Rock Island, soon after my visit, decided to split its dance club platform with venue status. When hearing that a North Carolinian band called Secret Lives of the Freemasons had a show there, I swallowed my pride and headed down to the dank club.


Upon arriving one can always tell how many will be in attendance, and to say that the theatre was empty would be understatement; one could almost see tumble weeds drifting through the place. Nonetheless, the tour’s entourage must have accepted their popularity because their moods were quite gay and bright.

The Rock Island venue features a club cage that was used by several of the bands that night. Climbing in with their pants to their knees, the small cage was packed with five musicians at a time, showing off their tidy whiteys like a male strip club.

This was only the beginning.

Secret Lives then took the stage shortly after the Chippendale’s dancing, and lots of fun loving fake homosexuality ensued, where male affection shared throughout their set. Secret Lives played tracks off their album This Was Built to Make You Dance, and unfortunately they didn’t play their best tracks and as a result, their set suffered. But they saved face with one of their best tracks, “Dance, Dance Revolution.”

In any case, the show was a lot of fun to watch. If you’d like to check these guys out, they’re coming to the Bluebird on June 29, 2005. And who knows, maybe you will see some stuff that would make Elton John blush.


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