Beans – Shock City Maverick

I think they’re bringing back the robot. Except this time around, they’re throwing in some break dancing moves, making it even trickier to keep one from breaking a neck. But in the case of Beans, there’s just no other way. Taking the rules of your standard MC and tossing them away with the gin & […]

Big Business – Head fo the Shallow

I hate two-pieces. There’s perfection in a three-piece. Look at everything from the Toy Dolls to Nirvana to The Wipers to Jawbreaker and back again. Who the fuck does a two-piece? You have to be really into yourself, right? No, there’s godheadSilo; and now, Big Business.

The Exies – Head for the Door

There’s a scene in the movie “Singles” where Bridget Fonda’s character is dancing and rocking out in a robe while her mint face mask is doing its magic, then promptly making a sex call to her love interest. This has always been a pre-getting-ready-to-go-out ritual for me since high school and continues to this day. […]

The Golden Republic – The Golden Republic

Hey, bartender! I’ll have a vodka punk up with a splash of rock and a twist of blues, please. What’s that, you say? You’ve never heard of that one? Ah, well it’s called The Golden Republic, and it’s perfect for this debut full-length self-titled album from a four-piece in Kansas City, MO.

Hotel Rwanda (Terry George)

Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda (Terry George) Let’s face it; you’re not going to find a negative review of Hotel Rwanda. This is one of those few films where, given the subject matter, to comment on something like pacing or cinematography just feels wrong, like criticizing Mother Theresa for her dress. This is one of those films powerful […]

Various Artists – PS2 – Public Service Records


This is the second volume of Denver music that proves once and for all that this town is overflowing with talent in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the smart, wave punk from The Swayback, sexy vinyl skirt teasing from The Symptoms, a taste of German love for trees from The Czars, the euphoric and […]