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Halifax – A Writer’s Reference

Yay! In the San Francisco Chronicle, when a movie gets a great review, they use an icon of a man jumping up and down on the edge of his theater seat, leaning forward in applause. That is exactly how excited I am about this (re) release.


Halifax is a Southern California pop-hardcore ensemble who build on familiar song structures, but actually have the brains and balls to expand on that and to drop kick it into submission. In particular vocalist Mike Hunau, who isn’t afraid of seemingly anything—certainly not screaming his ass off, AND does so in tune.

A Writer’s Reference was originally released in 2004 on a very small scale, but the intelligent people at Drive-Thru Records re-mastered it and released it in numbers that allow you and me to get copies. We want them; trust me.

With lyrical twists (even a swallowably subtle Green Day reference)—and rhythmic mazes, A Writer’s Reference is aptly named.


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