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Big Business – Head fo the Shallow

I hate two-pieces. There’s perfection in a three-piece. Look at everything from the Toy Dolls to Nirvana to The Wipers to Jawbreaker and back again. Who the fuck does a two-piece? You have to be really into yourself, right? No, there’s godheadSilo; and now, Big Business.


So you kinda already wanna buy the Big Business album because you heard that Cody, the really great drummer from the Murder City Devils and Jared, the singer from Karp and The Tight Bros From Way Back When are in a band together. Well…you’re an a-hole. This is so different from either band it might need a new genre name. I’m going to call it Metal Impressionism. As if you are looking at Starry Night by Van Gogh and struggling for the clarity of lying on your back in a country field; you, by listening to Big Business, are listening to AC\DC and OZZY (circa Blizzard of OZ) while having sex for the first time—after you’ve done a bit of drinkin’ and dope smokin’ and you can’t remember her/his name. Yeah, it’s so good you feel dirty.

You know when you were 18 and you were over at some random hippy’s house because he had the really good weed? Remember when he made you watch The Wizard of Oz and listen to Dark Side of the Moon at the same time? Well, we’ve discovered that the perfect thing to do to experience Big Business is to pop in The Enemy at the Gates while listening to the album. It synchs up great with the first half an hour. Too bad there’s only eight songs but like all great performers, Big Business bows out leaving you wanting more.


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