Various Artists – Adventure Records Cuvee 3

As a Red state, Colorado is pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to funding the arts. That may turn around if Hickenlooper throws his Governor’s hat in the ring and makes the kind of dents in the system like he has in Denver, but in the meantime we thankfully have a crew […]

Various Artists – PS2 – Public Service Records


This is the second volume of Denver music that proves once and for all that this town is overflowing with talent in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the smart, wave punk from The Swayback, sexy vinyl skirt teasing from The Symptoms, a taste of German love for trees from The Czars, the euphoric and […]

The Swayback – The Birth of a Band

MTV may have a show about the making of a band, but in the real world, musicians and artists have to make it completely on their own without the instant exposure of television or a music big wig fine-tuning their every move. After nine months of gestation, The Swayback is discovering how a band comes […]