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Beans – Shock City Maverick

I think they’re bringing back the robot. Except this time around, they’re throwing in some break dancing moves, making it even trickier to keep one from breaking a neck. But in the case of Beans, there’s just no other way. Taking the rules of your standard MC and tossing them away with the gin & juice, Shock City Maverick is a collage of sights, sounds, and “Shards of Glass.”


We’re talking bleeps and futuristic samples, classic scratching, chapel bells, xylophone chinks, and his way with words over notes, making Beans’ newest recipe involves a hefty dish of soul food gone boogie. He turns a frown upside down on “You’re Dead, Let’s Disco,” brings back the scene from “Something About Mary” the with the line, “screaming like a dick caught in zipper,” and takes you to the underwater dance floor on “City Hawk” and “Interval.” And who else could pull together the different facets of diamonds, halos, and grenades in such a free flowing fashion?

I had the privilege of catching Beans’ opening slot for this band that doesn’t come to mind, but I remember them being pretty bratty and flaked out on an interview (my brain has a way of removing certain, unneeded things from memory), and his set was so simple. With just his poetic MC skills and a simple sampler, Beans had the whole room grooving. Now on Shock City Maverick, you’ve got your own private showing.


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