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Various Artists – PS2 – Public Service Records


This is the second volume of Denver music that proves once and for all that this town is overflowing with talent in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got the smart, wave punk from The Swayback, sexy vinyl skirt teasing from The Symptoms, a taste of German love for trees from The Czars, the euphoric and exotic soundscapes from Drop The Fear.

The beauty about this is that these bands are all within our reach at any given month. No waiting around a year for a given band to tour through town. Reach into your pocket for a few bucks and you’re there, getting jiggy with Magicyclops, enveloping yourself in the hypnotic layers of Bright Channel, or sinking into to spunk with The Maybellines. Voices Underwater and Thank God For Astronauts give SubPop bands a run for their money, as does Nightingale. And although Pinkku have made their way to San Francisco, they were in good company with the surrounding talent here.

This is a compilation that I will pop in when I’m in my 80s to tell my great grand kids what Denver was like back in the day. And they will be fond memories indeed.

p.s. This is another 2004 release that’s a bit late in getting reviewed, but again, wanted to make it know that it’s a keeper.


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