The Futureheads – The Futureheads

It’s Christmas time and you hear a knock on the door. Instead of a group of cute carolers there four dudes popping up and down singing about “Le Garage,” in that modern quirky way that worked as a signature style for Devo and The Clash.

Head Automatica – Decadence

As much as I dug when rock and hip-hop artists collaborated back in the early ’90s, there’s something that really gets the red corpuscles shaking when that same venture goes the way of dance and rock. The neon cover Girls, Girls, Girls of “Decadence” sure is fitting, ’cause it’s definitely fit for stripper pole…and not […]

Tim Lee – No Discretion

The advertising for Tim Lee’s new album No Discretion begins with the proclamation: “13 songs… 6 recording studios in 3 states… 16 musicians… 18 months… 1 finished product…” These are some impressive numbers, which lead the soon to be listener to believe that they hold a magnum opus in their hands. That this is an […]

Letter Kills – The Bridge

Some of the fashion trends from the ’70s have come back in the form of leg warmers, bell-bottom jeans, and Candies. That ’70s Show is still one of the best sit-coms on television that will, for whatever reason, never get the recognition it deserves. That was also the era of arena rock ballads and those […]

Macha – Forget Tomorrow

For better or worse, the music world has been experiencing a resurgence in ’80s-styled synth pop, thanks in part to the lasting appeal of bands like Depeche Mode and the rise of newer acts such as The Faint. Though neither rookies nor merely synth pop, Macha can be counted among those that have emerged in […]