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Various Artists – Paul Oakenfold: Creamfields

Paul Oakenfold - Creamfields

While the typical Oakie set includes an egg timer, complete with intermissions to stand with his arms outstretched out to the masses so they can adore him, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to his mix CDs and original work. Yes, the guy’s ego is nauseating, but throwing his music into your player will make you feel good about the world again. And that’s just what we need these days.

Creamfields may be the name of this club series, but it also mimics just what you feel like running through, a rich and airy pulse set at speed enough to get your heart pumping, but not so crazy that you have to regroup in the club’s bathroom for fear looking like a crackhead.

“Ocean of Love” by DJ Suzy Solar has the futuristic, edgy vibe that the movie “Hackers” had when I first saw it. Then after it had gone to cable it seemed really contrived, as does the repeating chorus, “I am drowning in an ocean of love.” I’m sorry, but this just makes me roll my eyes, knowing you can only appreciate that concept if you’re feeling e-lated at the time (wink, wink, nudge, nudge…where’s the lotion?). While I ALWAYS appreciated the foundation of peace, love and understanding with many dance music lovers and monthly parties like “Community,” sometimes it’s just a little too fuzzy-wuzzy for me.

But all in all, Paul has definitely cooked up many tasty pieces of pie in the pan. And it’s that mix of strictly instrumentals and vocally enticing tracks that spotlights what Oakenfold does best. You know that although the transition was smooth as silk, the pages are turning as he takes you though a volume of moods and chapters in sound. I just wish his live mixes were as enjoyable as this, and I didn’t feel like smacking the smugness off his face every time.


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