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Kane Hodder – The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless

Bands that claim to blend several different genres of music generally aren’t very good at any of them. Bands that obsess over the need to make “art…”well, you get my drift.


Thankfully, Kane Hodder are not nearly as annoying as they might have been. Instead, they’re fun–and being fun while deadly serious about your work is rare these days.

Witty song titles (“I Think Patrick Swayze is Sexy”), a falsetto that puts Justin Hawkins of The Darkness to shame and a hardcore growl to rival even the fiercest combine with more complex song structures than I’m capable of describing. Only a band determined to make art could use the word “Riefenstahlic” and get away with it, not to mention “cervix,” while keeping their pop-culture references spot-on (“It makes me wanna kill you like the Heathers,” “If you’ll be Chloe then I’ll be your Jacob Sewell.”) Check it out if you’re bored by the ’80s revival but still find yourself dancing to The Darkness between hardcore bands.


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