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Head Automatica – Decadence

As much as I dug when rock and hip-hop artists collaborated back in the early ’90s, there’s something that really gets the red corpuscles shaking when that same venture goes the way of dance and rock. The neon cover Girls, Girls, Girls of “Decadence” sure is fitting, ’cause it’s definitely fit for stripper pole…and not the lethargic zombies you see around here. We’re talking the Vegas kind that outdo any tease Demi Moore could throw your way.


Who better to get this sexy “Dance Party Plus” started thanthe headmaster of the Handsome Boy Modeling School, Dan The Automator, with Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw on vocals. With lines like “…please, please let me anoint the lust inside you,” their view of Hollywood is both analytical and delectable as the soul-sucking culture they sing of.

Casio twinkles to Rhodes shrills, screaming rants to layered harmonies, deep basslines to dirty beat blasts, this collaboration is one that’s way healthier than any Jennifer Lopez marriage. An easy feat yes, but one that will still be enjoyable years from now.

Head Automatica hits all the Colorado spots, including Club 156 in Boulder on Saturday, September 18, The Starlight in Ft. Collins Sunday, September 19, Rock Island in Denver Monday, September 20, and 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs, Tuesday, September 21.


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