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The Futureheads – The Futureheads

It’s Christmas time and you hear a knock on the door. Instead of a group of cute carolers there four dudes popping up and down singing about “Le Garage,” in that modern quirky way that worked as a signature style for Devo and The Clash.


I don’t know if I’m in need of more sinus medicine or if it’s the Coke and Pop Rock’s flash back I’m having, but that’s what popped into my fuzzy head right off the bat. I feel like putting on my fuzzy slippers, Mickey Mouse ears and breaking out my pongo stick, blasting the stereo and really pissing off my neighbors.

There’s a bit of rebellion, a chunk of old school ’80s Brit Rock/Punk, the endearing sweetness of The Specials, and a waft of High Karate/Tangerine Glade. The Futureheads have put a fresh Linda Blair spin on those endearing blasts from the past, and I for one am adding this to my summer of love, love, love collection.


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