Flogging Molly, Andrew WK – Thursday 10.17.2002

Dave King – vocal/acoustic guitarBridget Regan – fiddle/tin whistle/violinDennis Casey – guitarMatt Hensley – accordianNathen Maxwell – bassBob Schmidt – mandolin, banjoGeorge Schwindt – drums “A Guinness soaked musical body blow.” I snagged this from the Flogging Molly web site, but what better way to describe this band of merry men and woman who pack […]

Van’s Warped Tour – Saturday, June 23, 2002 – Adams County Fairgrounds

Sometimes I think you need marathon training for these music festivals. To really cover a show, you need to have your stopwatch out and run from one stage to the next. So it was perplexing to wander inside and see such a mass of people sitting on the grass doing nothing with so much activity […]