Various Artists – The Dukes of Hazzard

There was a time not so long ago when the ‘soundtrack’ was an institution. No longer just a nice reminder of two hours well spent in front of a movie screen, the soundtrack had become a tool to not only sell, but often save a mediocre film. But the party didn’t last, perhaps due to […]

Various Artists – Six Feet Under: Everything Ends – Astralwerk

Six Feet Under: Everything Ends

If you’re a fan of the HBO Series, Six Feet Under, you’ll instantly recognize the opening track used to promote the launch of their fifth season, which will end this summer. The pictures featured inside the cover actually get the series’ original theme song running through your head as the hands, once held together, break […]

Various Artists – Motown Remixed – Motown Records/Universal

Motown Remixed

It is too bad that we live in the age of rehashing. You know, the age where everything is “re-packaged to appeal to a new, more youthful” market. It is the age that saw everything good—and plenty not so good—shows from television made into movies. The age where a director had the nerve—no, the gall—to […]

Various Artists – Punx Unite: Leaders of Today – Side One Dummy

Punx Unite

LA’s Side One Dummy label has a wonderful habit of putting out very large, very good compilations for not much money at all (they’re responsible for the ever popular Warped collections too) and with Punx Unite (co-released by New Jersey’s Charged Records) they’ve done it again. Thirty-two tracks, from strictly underground punk bands – the […]

Various Artists – Rock School Soundtrack – Trillion Records

Rock School

Paul Green. Living vicariously through the kids that he teaches. Demanding perfection in every way. Affecting their lives forever. This is the real School of Rock, featured in this year’s documentary. Not in a high school led by actor Jack Black, but a place of learning started and run by Green – a place of […]

Various Artists – Mo Green Presents… No Locked Doors – Mo Green Productions/Illynoise Studios

No CD Artwork

This compilation is nothing if not eclectic. The set, which includes Colorado Springs residents No Alibi, has something for the back-packer set, for the Cali Riders, for the Houston Hustler’s, and for the Midwest Party People. They’ve even got something for fans of vintage Bone (track 16—“Your World, My Pain” by BMP267 sounds like it […]