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Various Artists – Rock School Soundtrack – Trillion Records

Rock School

Paul Green. Living vicariously through the kids that he teaches. Demanding perfection in every way. Affecting their lives forever.

This is the real School of Rock, featured in this year’s documentary. Not in a high school led by actor Jack Black, but a place of learning started and run by Green – a place of learning aimed to teach kids from eight to 17 years old how to become not just musicians, but to strive for rock stardom at the level of those within this compilation: The Ramones, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, The Police, Megadeth or Billy Idol. You know, the days of “Almost Famous” that are reminiscing for some, a world of discovery for newbies.

I have to say that these classic rock songs are just a trip down lack-of-memory-lane without the movie, but if you are so inclined to need a fully packed, rock-et fueled 60 minutes (guessing on that) of air guitar practice, you’ve got it right here baby. Plus, the kids get to show off their talent through their renditions of “LA Woman,” “Iron Man,” and “Hocus Pocus.”

To see the movie trailer, check out the first link below.


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