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Various Artists – Balance Presents: Electric Volume 01

To get those of us familiar with the sounds of the down underground, EQ/Stomp Pty Ltd. has launched a new compilation series, an offshoot from their Balance releases called Electric 01. In the past Balance has brought many an unknown DJ into the spotlight, and this time around the light shines on Gavin Keitel. Keitel is far from a newbie, having 18 years of deck experience under his belt. But if you haven’t heard him before, then he’s new to you.


Building a base of minimal tech house (and with most sets or compilations), things start slowly and build up as each track draws you into his rhythmic hypnosis session. With a very New Order bassline ala “Fine Time” and the vocal ghost from Underworld, “Drama Society” from Crying Hero sets off the electro fire. And things just keep getting furrier from there, from the lounge bubbles of “Einmusik” to the retro trip with a Kraftwerk twist on “Hugg & Pepp” from Snabeln.

Something I definitely appreciate is something that should be a motto for most DJs: paying attention to the people on the dancefloor who reflect the longitude and latitude of where the night is going, as opposed to throwing down “Sandstorm” for the third time that night (if I never hear that song again it will be too soon). Although this listening was a party of one this time around, Keitel’s experience and knack for musical architecture is very clear and is expected to keep his dancers happy.


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