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Various Artists – Verve Remixed 3 – Verve

Verve Remixed 3

I’ve always believe that there are elements of all types of music in any given song, at least songs with substance. The blues were a definite influence on rock, rock has of course spread it’s gene throughout punk, pop, and metal pool, and has also poured over into country.

Jazz on the other hand, the true form of jazz, has always lit a candle of sophistication all its own. It’s the thinking man or woman’s music. It’s smoky, it’s painful, beautiful, the perfect backdrop to a cold night in a downtown joint or to a night of hot passion in stark hotel room. When it comes to dance music, that’s where jazz has laid its golden hand, from bellowing horn samples to diva’s on the microphone.

Verve Music Group, home to Diana Krall, David Sanborn, and The Brazilian Girls, began releasing their Verve Remix series in 2002, pulling classics from their catalog and letting modern dance wizards do their thing. Now comes the third chapter in the series, which is just as packed with a bountiful array of bubbling beauties that’s more than prime for the soundtrack to the first spring party of the season.

Can you say Postal Service? Yes, you can, with Nina Simone’s “Little Girl Blue,” draped with bleeps and hip shaking tweaks complimented perfectly with her haunting tale. Billy Holliday has been captured by dance producers in the past and it would have been a crying shame to leave her out, so Bent from the UK has the honors this time around.

It’s hard not to want get all dolled up and shake your money maker to “Sing, Sing, Sing,” then saunter over to the bar for a little “Fever,” poured to perfection by Adam Freeland. It’s 4am and the party’s just started. So what better way to kick it into second gear with deep grooves of Sugardaddy’s “Come Dance With Me,” then the Brazilian Girls take over with a faster beat of “Mongoloid” but with the haunting echoes of “Just One Of Those Things.”

The surprise party came about when The Album Leaf decided to crash the festivities with a beautiful, dew dripping rendition of “Lilac Wine.” Danger Mouse reaches into the galaxies with the obscure and alien-like “Baby, Did You Hear Me,” where the vocals seemed to be piped in from another planet.

Three’s a charm with the latest Verve Remixed, fitting in perfectly with a summertime BBQ, late night for two, or in between your dad’s Coltrane and Duke Ellington.

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