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Eric Halborg From The Swayback Sounds Off

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eric halborg from the swayback sounds off

Aside from this week’s editorial, here is Eric Halborg’s letter to the Westword after their cover feature on Semi-Freak and Uncle Nasty. He urges people to, “Read the articles. Write a letter if you are not happy with it. I just think the creative people in our town have more to offer than this stuff being highlighted on the cover of the Westword.” And if you disagree with what was posted this week, let us know by emailing or posting your opinions on our forum at

rouge article:

semifreak article:

Nasty as he wants to be: Regarding Dave Herrera’s “Freak Show” and The Beatdown, both in the October 30 issue:

Shining the spotlight of our local progressive weekly on Greg Stone (Uncle Nasty) and Semifreak is furthering our music scene’s reputation as a backward cowtown scene.

Semifreak, a band that has to pay to play in a cheesy L.A. club and then addresses the young women that attend the show as “hoochies,” is far from progressive and hardly cover-story worthy. The same week that you put this band on the cover of your magazine, another local band, Dressy Bessy, received a three-star review in Rolling Stone and appeared on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly. Is this not more newsworthy?

I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing as Uncle Nasty emceed a Monsters of Mock event at the Church a few months back. He was referring to women as bitches and making rude comments all evening. It was embarrassing and ruining the good vibe of the night. His comments were misogynistic and hickish. Today I got to read about Mr. Nasty’s antics on Halloween. It didn’t surprise me. Why not report on the amazing costumes worn at the Larimer Lounge on Halloween, or the all-night dance party at Hipster Youth Halfway House that night?

I just ask that Dave Herrera shine a light on the amazing, forward-thinking people who make up our local music scene. You put the spotlight on it first, and maybe the rest of the country will start to notice the good things happening around here.


According to Tristram from Porcelain, their recent Alaska! show exceeded their expectations, and they’re very grateful to the fans that made it possible, “Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Alaska! Show. It surpassed everyone’s fondest hopes and dreams.”

Larson, Porcelain’s lead singer and guitarist, got some press this month in Boulder’s Daily Camera –,1713,BDC_11136_2664558,00.html

The band has been in the process of putting the final touches on their three-song demo this month, “…so for you guys that have been waiting for something more polished from us, your wishes will soon be granted,” says Tristram.

Porcelain is also in the beginning planning stages for a late spring/early summer tour of the West Coast, and have an upcoming hometown gig at the Fox March 27.

Tristram also had something to say about the recent Westword Rogue article, “Eric from the Swayback sent out an email about Westword’s front cover band picks. I couldn’t agree more. There are some scary good bands out there– Bright Channel & Tintin –to name just two stars on the rise, and it is retarded that cheesy metal bands consistently make the cover. Furthermore, it is baffling, seeing how Westword in every other department, is the best-written free city weekly that I’ve ever read. And let me tell you honey, I’ve been places. They did write some awfully nice things about us in the past. Still there’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, especially as the ‘scene’ is getter stronger and better every week.”

In Other News: Denver’s Pop rock band Plastic Parachute has been busy the last few months with the release of their self-titled debut album. Since the album’s release, Plastic Parachute has been selling well in record stores and spinning on radio stations all over the west, Midwest and southwest United States. The band regionally toured through CO, TX, OK, NM, AZ, NE, KS and WI early this year and will be returning to these states in early March at some of the region’s top venues, colleges and even a few high schools. Plastic Parachute will be performing at a number of Hastings Music Stores throughout KS, TX and OK to promote the record.


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