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Various Artists – Adventure Records Cuvee 3

As a Red state, Colorado is pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to funding the arts. That may turn around if Hickenlooper throws his Governor’s hat in the ring and makes the kind of dents in the system like he has in Denver, but in the meantime we thankfully have a crew of folks in the community that keep things alive.

In the summer of 2001 Adventure Records in Boulder was launched to promote local musicians, artists and various charities. Thus far they’ve produced a number of local events and released two compilations that showcase local talent. The third in the series, Cuvee 3, makes its appearance this Saturday at Trilogy Lounge in Boulder, featuring performances from Hot IQs, Monofog, Mannequin Makeout, The Nightmare Fighters, Dario Rosa, and Rachel Pollard.


Plucked from a dusty bar on the set of the movie Desperado, DeVotchKa’s “Enemy Guns” wins the dual, hands down. With the female power and moxy of Magnapop fronting a roller girl team, Monofog’s “White Teeth & War” makes no bones about its premise. Indie favorites Hot IQs and Matson Jones show their shiny bright colors, and The Swayback twist with a streetwise swagger on “Forewarned.”

The Nightmare Fighters’ electro quirkiness, the mod-ish, retro rock of Dario Rosa and Six Months to Live, hellcat fury of The Omens, smoky sleek maneuvers of Cate Coslor, brutal honesty of Rachael Pollard, are all evidence to the eclectic talent of our local musicians.

With a motto of “It’s about Art and it’s about Community” Adventure Records not only supports the music scene but challenges us to take part. If you’ve not taken in the shows from any or all of the 17 local acts on their new compilation, here’s your chance to discover what you’ve been missing.


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