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Kronow – Deserve Damnation

I believe the word Kronow, translated from the ancient texts, comes out to something like: that which causes severe pain and boredom. I believe I heard that somewhere before. Well, if that’s true, this four-song, enhanced CD lives up to its promise (or curse).


The opening cut, “Sorrow’s Whore,” (I’m not making the title up) starts out like some Korn throwaway (oxymoron) when the vocals come in. How should I describe the vocals? Do you like it when Fred Durst thinks he can sing? This is actually the problem with the remaining three tracks as well, although the music improves quite dramatically with “All I See,” “Justify,” and “Can’t Stop Me.” The band uses aggressive vocals, but more as punctuation—not enough to dominate.

Switching the vocal emphasis could be positive for the band. On the production end, the CD “sounds” good. The band does a solid job, with the help of Mark Obermeyer. The packaging and the multimedia content is also well done—you wouldn’t know they were a local band. . .I think they just need to approach themselves with a more critical ear.


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