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Music News in Denver, home to high quality dance tracks from all over the world, launched version 2.0 last week. It’s got a completely new look and added functionality to draw visitors even deeper into their expansive catalog. They also feature cuts from local superstars, including Milehighhouse producers and DJs, and their remix of Drop The Fear’s “Hot Upstairs” and “Gordon,” along with the upcoming releases from Friends in Stereo, the new collaboration between Satori-C and PJ Stroller.

Five Style Fist has been working on their next record Left Right In The Middle and are in the final stages of mixing and mastering. The CD release party is planned for March at the Gothic, and already local fans are putting their money down for advanced copies. Go to to check out their new website developed by and to get updates, check out their videos, and see about getting the three-song demo that includes “Mad World,” “Leprosy,” and “Hunger Pains.”

Reno Divorce had a scare a few weeks back when their drummer Andrew ended up in the hospital with stomach complications. If you’ve ever seen the guy play, you’ll know he doesn’t have 20 pounds to lose, which is where he was at when he finally checked himself into the hospital to have them address his gastro intestinal problems due to stress. Although he is on his way to recovery and is back on track with their gig schedule, he’s far from throwing down burritos with hot sauce. The band is hitting the road in March, but hopefully, they’ll be able to stop for something other than “unhappy meals” along the way.

Reno Divorce plays the 12 Volt Tavern in Arvada this Friday with Burn and Boldtype, Benders on February 26 with Dr. Neptune and Boldtype, 12 Volt Tavern again with King Rat on March 18, and at 15th Street Tavern on March 19 with Hit or Miss.

Mansfields have been confirmed to play this year’s Van’s Warped Tour on the “Kevin Says” stage, as one of four bands hand picked by tour founder Kevin Lyman. They’re still waiting to get their dates confirmed. For more updates go to

Kronow has been getting XM radio play of their single, “Sorrows Whore.” If you’re a fan and want to help increase their place in rotation on XM, go to the following link:’s%20Whore. “All I See” also got some air play on 93.3 KTCL a week or so ago. To keep things rolling for them, fans can call and email radio stations to request Kronow’s airplay. For more information on who and how to contact the stations, go to the Kronow website at You can also get information on how to join their street team or email to find out how to get involved.



LAMB OF GOD is Banned From Performing at the Forum in Los Angeles

Lamb Of God is being forced to step aside from one of their arena concerts on the upcoming Subliminal Verses Tour with Slipknot, because of their name Lamb Of God and former moniker Burn The Priest.

The venue, The Forum in Los Angeles, is owned by The Faithful Central Bible Church who decided to impose a ruling to ban Lamb Of God’s performance at their venue.

Having come off of several headlining gigs L A in the last year, the move was completely unexpected for the band and the tour. According to their press release, “In deciding to BAN LAMB OF GOD’s performance, The Faithful Central Bible Church are imposing on the publics freedom of speech, choice and assembly; the bands art along with the bands ability to conduct commerce.”

Drummer Chris Adler also states, “The “situation” in LA can only be described as ridiculous. It’s already been a huge waste of energy trying to turn this around. The powers that be aren’t interested budging – or doing their research apparently – and we’ve never been a band to placate anyone to get our way, smooth things over or make anyone feel better. They have made it clear that they don’t want us because of our name, our show and our crowd – because of that ignorance, Lamb Of God is not being permitted to appear on the Subliminal Verses Concert in LA. It’s truly a shame for the show overall, especially for our friends and fans in LA that are being forced to miss our part of the show. Trust that this was not our decision, we’d love to kick some ass in LA, but apparently the word from the powers that be is that Lamb Of God is not the wholesome family fun that the good people of Los Angeles deserve.”


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