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Gripped Let Go Of Their Name

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If you hear a local metal band around town that sounds exactly like Gripped, it’s because they’re one in the same. They’re now going by the name Erased, and will play their first local show under the new moniker on November 1 at 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs. They’re also back from 3,600 mile roundtrip tour that took them down to L.A. for some showcase action and recording time, hanging with Cory from Slipknot at the Rainbow Room in Hollywood and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Before the tour they had approached Statusburn to create the next volume for SB’s local band compilation, hand picking the ten bands that appeared. While on tour they spread the love everywhere they went, along with a few hand offs to labels by their management. “So if any local bands get signed off that I want a finders fee (HaHa),” jokes Chris Forsythe, singer for the band. The Statusburn compilation will be available for the first time at the November 1 show.

So what was the reason behind the name change? According to Chris, there were a number of bands out there with similar names, so their management company wanted to give them a new identity that stood out above the masses. “We went through a bunch of ideas, but nothing really stuck,” says Chris. “One day Matt and I came up with ERASED and immediately called the other guys. It sums up how we felt at the time. We worked for 2 years to get the name Gripped known around the country and then one day our entire history was ERASED.” Along with the name change, their management company has shopped the band in New York, L.A. and Europe, “and interest is encouraging. We are looking for a label that truly believes in the band and wants to work with us to build a name for ourselves. A lot of bands sign bad deals, get no tour support, and get dropped before their second album. We want a label that will help develop us and let us grow.” The band has also just wrapped up two songs with producer, Logan Mader, who has previously worked with such names as Machinehead, Soulfly, and Medication.


Kronow recently announced that they are now part of the local label, Infexious Recordz, being added to the current roster that includes Rogue, Brutal Infliction, and Tyfoid Mary. Infexious plans to assist Kronow with promotions and representation, along with those wink wink introductions to various industry contacts, and HapiSkratch Entertainment will be handling distribution. The band is also planning for the debut label release, Deserve Damnation, at their CD release party on Saturday, November 15 at the Ogden Theater in Denver. Tyfoid Mary, NPO, and October Episode will also perform that night. To promote the CD, Kronow will be appearing live on 106.7 KBPI’s Uncle Nasty Show. Tune in to hear tracks from the new CD at 6PM on Friday, November 14.


Mary Beth Is A Woman On The Move

So some of you may know that Mary Beth and her hubby sold their house and bought a RV instead. This mobile lifestyle has taken them all over the country where Mary Beth has been performing. To get a peak into her road adventures, you can download the live broadcast of her show at the Palms in Las Vegas on line at In other matters of the road, her song “Leave You Behind” was featured on the Road Rules/Real World Challenge on this month. So the fact that she’s penetrating the machine is very exciting for Mary Beth and all of us who are cheering for her. “I was also told that they are trying to use more of my songs for the show since I gave them permission to use the whole album, so stay tuned.”

Other news – Stevehed from Aggressive Persuasion has created a side project called Problematic. According to the modest man, “The high intensity, yet simple sounding orchestra of electronic type industrial music just plainly kicks ass. The very next day this song was made, Jesse from Statusburn.NET and Stevehed made this video for you.” You can go to the Statusburn web site to check it out for yo damn self. Mile High House has added an old friend and colleague, DJ Nutmeg, to their rockstar DJ lineup. According to Hoch from MHH, “Kent has been rocking it in Denver for years and is one of the most persistent and productive DJ’s in town. The dude plays every big show in town, and is one of the funnest people I know.” For those of you looking for a wind down spot to end the weekend, Kent from MHH has a new weekly on Sundays called “The Lawnchair Lounge”, which is held at the new remodeled club ROX on 17th and Wynkoop. Melissa London, front song siren for PROJECT 12:01, stars in an upcoming indie film, “Sleeping Pills”, which premiered in Cairo, Egypt at the Cairo International Film Festival this month. PROJECT 12:01 also appears on the film’s soundtrack, and PROJECT 12:01’s bass player Brendan Connolly was the film’s chief sound engineer. The Witching Hour has released a live, edited version of the song “Liar” to download. You can visit the IUMA web site and search for The Witching Hour. And a side note, the band says they swear you won’t be sued by the RIAA. Vox Demonna showcased their new EP last week when they co-hosted The Pit on KPBI (FM 106.7). They also revamped their web site,, and invite one and all to check it out.


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